Missouri's Premier Medical Marijuana Wholesale Supplier.

Who We Are

Missouri Medical Sales is Missouri’s premium distributor of high quality medical marijuana products.


Our Products

Missouri Medical Sales is proud to offer the top cannabis brands in the Midwest along with trusted brands that are well established in mature cannabis markets. Our brands proudly feature distillate and live resin vapes, connoisseur quality concentrates, and popular edibles at affordable prices. We also offer a full line of flower products that range from artisanal quality cannabis to lower priced medical products. Call or email your rep today to learn more or to place an order.

Ostara Cannabis

Ostara’s all natural products are each designed to achieve the natural balance that only the cannabis plant can provide. Ostara offers pure distillate vapes, formulated cannabis products and premium sun grown flower --- all at affordable prices. Ostara has become an industry leader in Missouri with an ever-expanding product line that will soon include chocolates, sugary confections and a full suite of wellness products.



N-Fuzed gummies are among the most popular products in the US --- offering the patients of Missouri a consistent, reliable, and effective edible product. N-Fuzed edibles are made with the company’s pure distillate formulations, which enable the company to produce quality edibles at affordable price points. N’Fuzed gummies are the go-to alternative to anyone who wants to experience medical cannabis without any smoke or vapor.


Kor Extracts

KOR Extracts is the leading cannabis concentrate brand in Missouri. Each of KOR’s products are 100% cannabis derived and present the plant in its purest concentrated form. Kor Extracts live resin vapes and extracts provide unforgettable flavors, connoisseur approved experiences, and undeniable wellness benefits.